The ABK Workers Alliance – a group of Activision Blizzard employees that has continued to push for major workplace reforms following last year’s shocking reports detailing a culture of alleged sexual harassment, assault, and inappropriate behaviour at the company – has responded to today’s news that Microsoft is buying the publisher, saying that while the move is “surprising”, it does not change the group’s goals.

The ABK Workers Alliance was established last summer, in response to a State of California lawsuit calling Activision Blizzard a “breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women”. Since then, the group has continued its mission to push for change at the publisher, launching a bid for unionisation, setting up a Strike Fund for employees, and calling for the removal of CEO Bobby Kotick – who was said to have been aware of the allegations of sexual misconduct and mistreatment of female employees across many parts of the company “for years” in a damning Wall Street Journal report.

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