On October 28, one of the most acclaimed and iconic real-time strategy game series will return with the release of Age of Empires IV, ushering in a new era of kings, queens, empires, and heroes. Age of Empires IV invites players to make history their story with eight unique civilizations and four epic campaigns that cover nearly 500 years of history, from the Dark Ages all the way through to the Renaissance.

In true Age of Empires style, you’ll harvest resources, construct massive cities, assemble epic armies, and lead your troops to battle across land and sea as you’re immersed in a highly detailed historical setting. You can also hop online and experience a robust multiplayer feature set, competing against skilled players online or cooperating with up to seven of your friends across a variety of PVP or PVE modes.

And what better way to show off your strategic prowess than with achievements! Shared here today is your first look at every achievement you can unlock in Age of Empires IV — save for some of the most secret achievements you’ll have to discover for yourself (no spoilers here). Learn new skills in the Art of War challenges and earn the title of “Record Breaker” and add +10 to your Gamerscore by receiving five Gold medals. Emerge victorious from battle against A.I. to test your strength as a strategist and earn one of four achievements, based on the difficulty level of the A.I. Or challenge yourself as the French to win a match without producing infantry for the “Who Needs Infantry?” achievement for 20 points. In all there’s nearly 90 achievements here for you to unlock — which ones are you going to go for first?

With innovative new ways to expand your empire across vast landscapes in stunning 4K, Age of Empires IV is set to bring real-time strategy to a new generation of PC gamers. We hope you’ll join us October 28 when a new age dawns with the release of Age of Empires IV on Windows PC, available for purchase from the Microsoft Store and Steam, and included with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate.

Achievement Name Achievement Description Points
Empires Will Rise Construct your first Landmark. 5
Kingdoms Will Fall Defeat 20 enemy units. 5
A New Age Is Upon Us Complete the Introductory Tutorial. 5
The Normans Complete The Normans campaign. 10
The Hundred Years War Complete The Hundred Years War campaign. 10
The Mongol Empire Complete The Mongol Empire campaign. 10
The Rise of Moscow Complete The Rise of Moscow campaign. 10
Age of Empires IV Campaign Complete the Age of Empires IV campaigns 50
The Fundamentals Complete the Training Mastery. 5
Quick Study Complete your first Civilization Mastery task. 5
Master of the English Complete the English Mastery. 10
Master of the French Complete the French Mastery. 10
Master of the Holy Roman Empire Complete the Holy Roman Empire Mastery. 10
Master of the Mongols Complete the Mongol Mastery. 10
Master of the Rus Complete the Rus Mastery. 10
Master of the Delhi Sultanate Complete the Delhi Sultanate Mastery. 10
Master of the Chinese Complete the Chinese Mastery. 10
Master of the Abbasid Complete the Abbasid Mastery. 10
Master of the Ages Complete all Civilization Masteries. 50
Recorded History View a replay. 5
By Force Achieve a Landmarks Victory. 5
By Faith Achieve a Sacred Victory. 5
By Fortune Achieve a Wonder Victory. 5
Make It Quick Achieve a Landmarks Victory in the Dark Age (I). 10
Walk the Earth Achieve a Sacred Victory without losing a religious unit. 10
Wonderstruck Achieve a Wonder Victory without constructing walls. 10
Precious Medals Earn a medal in 3 Art of War challenges. 10
Challenge Taker Earn your first gold medal in an Art of War challenge. 10
Record Breaker Earn a gold medal in 5 Art of War challenges. 10
Sub-Human Subduer Win a 1v1 match against the Easy A.I. 5
Par-Human Potentate Win a 1v1 match against the Intermediate A.I. 10
High-Human Hero Win a 1v1 match against the Hard A.I. 20
Super-Human Subjugator Win a 1v1 match against the Hardest A.I.f 50
The Faithful Convert 30 enemies without holding a Relic as the Abbasid Dynasty. 10
All the World’s Knowledge During a match, research everything in the wings of the Abbasid House of Wisdom. 10
Shifting Winds Defeat 1,000 enemy cavalry units with your Camel Riders as the Abbasid Dynasty. 20
A Golden Age Achieve the third tier of the Golden Age as the Abbasid Dynasty. 5
Dread Fort Kill 100 enemies with Keeps as the English. 10
Pass the Marshmallows Use the Setup Camp ability 20 times as the English. 5
We Charge Extra for That Shutdown a Cavalry Charge with Palings as the English. 20
Hope Is Kindled Extend the Network of Castles alarm across 12 buildings simultaneously as the English. 10
Lancerlot Charge an enemy with 50 Royal Knights simultaneously as the French. 5
Who Needs Infantry? Win a match without producing infantry as the French. 20
Big Shot Destroy 1,000 enemy units with gunpowder siege engines as the French. 10
Do You Deliver? Accrue 1,000 Food from Traders in a single match as the French. 10
Wild’s Bounty Accrue 2,000 Gold with Hunting Cabins in a single match as the Rus. 5
Big Game Hunter Earn 500 Gold from bounties in a match as the Rus. 20
Deforestation Gather Wood 1,000 times as the Rus. 10
In Memory of Kulikovo Enhance 10 units with a single Saint’s Blessing strike as the Rus. 10
Raiding Party Raid an enemy building in the Dark Age (I) as the Mongols. 10
Jagutu-iin Darga Enhance 100 units with a single Khan Signal Arrow as the Mongols. 5
Long Live the Khan Win a match without your Khan being killed as the Mongols. 10
Explore, Expand, Exploit Accrue 10,000 Stone in a single match as the Mongols. 20
Who Needs Cavalry? Win a match without producing cavalry as the Holy Roman Empire. 10
Inspired Economics Have at least 60 simultaneously inspired Villagers as the Holy Roman Empire. 20
Servants of the Land Kill 10,000 enemies with Landsknechte. 10
Swift Site Begin capturing a Sacred Site immediately upon entering the Castle Age (III) as the Holy Roman Empire. 5
Herd You Like Elephants Destroy 100 enemy buildings with your elephants as the Delhi Sultanate. 10
Field Construction Build a Stone Wall, Gate, and Tower using infantry as the Delhi Sultanate. 5
Higher Education Have 20 Scholars garrisoned in a Madrasa as the Delhi Sultanate. 10
Pantomath Research all technologies in a match as the Delhi Sultanate. 20
Be Subtle Reveal 300 Villagers with a single use of Imperial Spies as the Chinese. 10
Great Walls Construct 1,000 Stone Walls as the Chinese. 5
Move Like Wind, Attack Like Fire Defeat 1,000 enemy units with the Nest of Bees as the Chinese. 20
Four Histories Establish all of the Dynasties in a single match as the Chinese. 10
Wololottery Assume control of 25 units in a single conversion. 10
Having a Blast Destroy 5 enemies with a single Demolition Ship detonation. 10
All Creek, No Paddle Sink an enemy Transport Ship that is garrisoned to maximum capacity. 10
Through the Ages Advance to the next Age 500 times. 20
Coast Is Clear Win a match during which fishing was your only source of gathered Food. 5
Accurate Likeness Equip your first portrait. 5
To Remind, To Advise, To Warn Equip your first monument. 5
A Heraldic Achievement Customize your coat of arms. 5
Counter-Raider Play the game to find out! 10
Chivalry Play the game to find out! 10
Siegebreaker Play the game to find out! 10
Quit Touching Me! Play the game to find out! 10
Du Bois Are Back in Town Play the game to find out! 10
Fill the Coffers Play the game to find out! 10
Battle Royal Play the game to find out! 10
Careful Cannons Play the game to find out! 10
Twinkle Hooves Play the game to find out! 10
Yeah, Well, You Should See the Other Guy Play the game to find out! 10
Forgot a Batu Play the game to find out! 10
Boom Boom Pao Play the game to find out! 10
Keep the Change Play the game to find out! 10
Get Off My Bailey! Play the game to find out! 10
Ancient Tower Defense Play the game to find out! 10
Classic Conquest Play the game to find out! 10

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Age of Empires IV Pre-Order

Xbox Game Studios

Pre-order Age of Empires IV now and get the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition “Dawn of the Dukes” expansion as a free bonus in August 2021*.

One of the most beloved real-time strategy games returns to glory with Age of Empires IV, putting you at the center of epic historical battles that shaped the world. Featuring both familiar and innovative new ways to expand your empire in vast landscapes with stunning 4K visual fidelity, Age of Empires IV brings an evolved real-time strategy game to a new generation.

Return to History – The past is prologue as you are immersed in a rich historical setting of 8 diverse civilizations across the world from the English to the Chinese to the Delhi Sultanate in your quest for victory. Build cities, manage resources, and lead your troops to battle on land and at sea in 4 distinct campaigns with 35 missions that span across 500 years of history from the Dark Ages up to the Renaissance.

Choose Your Path to Greatness with Historical Figures – Live the adventures of Joan of Arc in her quest to defeat the English, or command mighty Mongol troops as Genghis Khan in his conquest across Asia. The choice is yours – and every decision you make will determine the outcome of history.

Customize Your Game with Mods – Available in Early 2022, play how you want with user generated content tools for custom games.

Challenge the World – Jump online to compete, cooperate or spectate with up to 7 of your friends in PVP and PVE multiplayer modes.

An Age for All Players – Age of Empires IV is an inviting experience for new players with a tutorial system that teaches the essence of real-time strategy and a Campaign Story Mode designed for first time players to help achieve easy setup and success, yet is challenging enough for veteran players with new game mechanics, evolved strategies, and combat techniques.

*Expansion bonus requires Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition game, sold separately. Valid for pre-orders via Steam, Microsoft Store, and participating retailers. Content requires broadband internet to download. See retailer for details.

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