The first major Counter-Strike 2 update has arrived since the game launched as a limited test in March, bringing with it a radical new loadout system, new buy mechanics and – finally! – a new map for testing purposes, Mirage.

The loadout system has the potential to be the most disruptive change, as you can now choose five each of pistols, rifles and “mid-tier” (SMG/shotgun) weapons to take into a match. Previously, weapons like the silenced and unsilenced M4 were assigned to the same category, so you would have to go without one of them – but here, you could sacrifice one of the less-used rifles to have both options available. This change has been requested by players for a long time, and would also make it easier for developers Valve to add new weapons in the future, so it’s a big win in my book.

When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive first appeared more than a decade ago, it sported a radial buy menu designed to mesh nicely to gamepad controls – after all, the game was originally intended to buy a console-focused iteration of the franchise. That menu has been replaced in the new Counter-Strike 2 update, in favour of a simpler grid-based buy menu that shows your teammate’s purchases. Crucially, it’s now possible to refund unused weapons, armour and grenades before buy time expires at the start of each round, saving you from the ignoble fate of spending all your hard-earned cash on a weapon you bought accidentally – always a pain given the importance of Counter-Strike’s round-to-round economy system.

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