Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 launched last week, and fans have been poring over newly added content to find all the Easter eggs CD Projekt Red has crammed in.

One of the latest discoveries is an arcade cabinet which lets you play a Doom and Wolfenstein inspired minigame called Arasaka Tower 3D. In it, you play as Johnny Silverhand descending the 120 floors of Arasaka Tower in 2023 after he stormed the building in a bomb attack on the corporation.

Complete with Keanu Reeves’ face at the bottom of the screen, tight corridors and downsampled tracks from Cyberpunk 2077’s OST, it’s got 90s FPS written all over it. That’s not all though, as players have also discovered it relates to the long-running FF:06:B5 Easter egg present in other CD Projekt Red games.

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