How do you follow up a five-star treat like Dave the Diver? With a zombie-themed, 16-player PvPvE stealth-survival extraction game, of course! Developer Mintrocket has just unveiled its next project, titled Nakwon: Last Paradise, and it’s about as much a departure from its acclaimed snorkelling-and-sushi-restaurant-management adventure as you can get, dropping players onto the streets of Seoul, right into the middle of the undead apocalypse.

As per Mintrocket’s lengthy Steam announcement, Nakwon’s action is split into two main parts; on the Scouting side, players – with a friend in tow if desired – must leave the relative comforts of the titular safe zone to venture into the zombie-infested outskirts of Seoul. Here, the goal is to scavenge resources then escape back to safety, but other players and, of course, the AI-controlled undead, won’t make that an easy task.

Mintrocket stresses that zombies in Nakwon are very much the hunters, and cannot be defeated. Instead, players – primarily armed with makeshift weaponry and tools rather than undead-shredding firepower, given the scarcity of guns – must navigate the streets as stealthily as possible to avoid detection, fleeing when necessary. And should they successfully make it back to the safe zone alive (it looks like players can come and go as they like, regardless of what other Survivors might be doing) the Simulation side of Nakwon begins.

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