With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the series’ trophies were entirely scrapped, replaced instead with Spirits. Collecting all of these Spirits is one heck of a challenge, and there are plenty of characters featured that many will be discovering for the first time, but the descriptions of each character – which used to be presented alongside their trophy – have also been removed.

We’re sure most will agree that this is a bit of a shame – it was great learning about a character’s history once you’d unlocked them – and this has been lost in the new entry. Help is at hand, though, as a group of fans have created a website dedicated to providing descriptions for every single Spirit.

You can go ahead and check it out right here if you’re interested. Aptly called SmashUltimateSpirits.com, the site has imagery and a description for every single Spirit available in the game at the time of writing, right from 0001. Mario to 1303. Piranha Plant.

Do you think the game should have included descriptions of each character? Or are you more than happy with the crazy amount of content already available in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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