Our Top 25, but what’s at number WAAAAH-n?

With the latest in Nintendo’s utterly bonkers WarioWare series – WarioWare: Get It Together! — recently hitting shelves, we thought it seemed like a ripe old time to have a look back across the entire series and pick out the 25 very best Microgames of the whole thousand-odd we’ve seen so far.

Naturally, we haven’t included any of our own games from WarioWare: D.I.Y, as that would be cheating – obviously our own efforts are far superior to those of Nintendo’s team. There’s nothing from WarioWare Snapped!, either, because it’s a bit rubbish by comparison. Every other entry, though, is accounted for. No, not the Nintendo 64DD Mario Artist: Polygon Studio “Sound Bomber” prototype, clever clogs.

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