“With ? Blocks, you never know what you’ll find inside”.

The Lego Super Mario 64 ? Block got Nintendo fans all hot under the collar when it was announced on social media. Its clever folding design in particular provides a real wow moment, as the innocuous block unfolds to reveal intricate, microscale recreations of iconic levels from Super Mario 64. It’s a fitting way to celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary, as well as a sign that Lego is committed to creating more adult-targeted Nintendo sets in addition to its kid-friendly Lego Super Mario range.

We loved 71365 Super Mario 64 ? Block in our review, praising its myriad Easter eggs and surprises, and calling it “one of the best sets to have been released in a long time”. But we still had a few questions about the design: like why Lego plumped for a ? block instead of Super Mario 64 ! block, and how exactly they came up with the show-stopping folding design.

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