“There may or may not be answers to questions that have been asked for years”.

While many know all about the Doctor Who TV show, it’s a franchise that has had a lot of optional lore and storytelling through other entertainment mediums — books (including audio books starring the main actors), spin-off shows and of course video games. Just recently the Switch got a port of Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, which originally made its mark on mobile devices; it turned out rather well.

Next up we have Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality arriving on 30th September, and it’s another game with a history. A form of the game — called Edge of Time — was previously released on VR platforms. It now comes to Switch and other ‘flatscreen’ platforms with a new name and, apparently, an overhauled and greatly expanded story. The gameplay has been shaken up too, of course, so the new iteration could potentially feel very different to the original.

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