One of the most baffling technical mysteries of the last console generation is simply this: why is that every From Software title on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One stutters so noticeably? From the studio’s 2014 PS4 debut – Bloodborne – through to this year’s Elden Ring, From Software’s 30fps frame-rate solution just doesn’t look or feel right on any of its games.

At Digital Foundry, we call this phenomenon ‘inconsistent frame-pacing’ – where even if you’re getting 30 new frames per second, the staccato, inconsistent delivery of each new frame gives the illusion of much lower performance. But here’s the thing: unofficial patches for every From game exist for hacked PlayStation 4s and astonishingly, it’s a simple, rudimentary code fix. I’ve tested these patches – and they work, producing a far smoother, stutter-free effect. All of which made me wonder, why hasn’t From Software fixed its own games if it’s this simple. Are there any catches to these patches?

I first heard about this story from noted From Software ‘code archeologist’ Lance McDonald, creator of the Bloodborne 60fps patch we’ve seen running flawlessly via back-compat on PlayStation 5. He was highlighting the work of a hacker called Illusion, whose blog contains a wealth of patches for unlocking performance on a vast range of PlayStation 4 titles, or quality of life improvements such as – yes – frame-pacing fixes for every PS4 From Software title.

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