Kirby and the Forgotten Land was a colourful and welcome splash of fun on its release in March. One of its most adorable features (of which there are many) was the ever-evolving Waddle Dee Town, which has its own café.

At this café, you can purchase a selection of eats to help Kirby on his quest to free the Waddle Dees, including the Car-Mouth Cake. This cake will cost Kirby 20 coins and will recover some health. But, let’s be honest, its reviving properties are not what we really love about it. What we really love is the fact that it is an adorable, edible Carby.

Now, the Kirby Café in Tokyo and Hakata in Japan has updated its menus to include a real Car-Mouth Cake for us to enjoy (I mean, if we are ever in the area).

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