Super Mario Music.

As a part of Nintendo Life VGM Fest, a season of music-focused interviews and features celebrating the video game audio in all its forms, we’re assembling a bunch of playlists featuring some of our very favourite tunes. We’ve looked at the funky/groovy end of the spectrum, and we’ve also looked at the tracks we queue up when we want to chill the beans right down.

Today, we’re looking at a specific series — the Super Mario series — and we’ve picked ten of our absolute favourite tunes from the Mushroom Kingdom. With just ten tracks on our playlist, it’s inevitable that some good’uns will have fallen by the wayside (and even some indisputable classics — earworms like the original World 1-1 and Jump Up, Super Star! are obviously great, but we’ve had our fill of those for… ooo, maybe a lifetime or two).

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