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Chinese firm Anbernic has done a fine job in cornering the market when it comes to high-quality emulation-based handhelds, and its most famous effort – the RG351 – is the weapon of choice for many portable retro game fans. Available in plastic and metal-case flavours, the RG351 is capable of playing 8 and 16-bit titles with ease, a fact which has made it very popular indeed.

Anbernic also has another variant of the RG351 on the market, the RG351V. The ‘V’ stands for ‘vertical’, because, unlike the other two models, this one takes inspiration from the iconic Game Boy. That means it has space for a larger 4:3-ratio screen, but it also loses one of the analogue sticks. However, in almost every other respect, it’s identical to the other members of the RG351 family.

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