Over the past couple of weeks, details have begun to emerge about a new Armored Core game from From Software. As Vikki reported, videos and screenshots were apparently shown as part of a consumer survey, and leakers have talked online about what they were shown. Since the original news appeared, screenshots have been shared, albeit heavily edited to remove any identifying watermarks.

First things first, you’re welcome! I am the person responsible for this wonderful news! I don’t mean that I’m behind the leaks, I actually spurred From Software to make a new Armored Core. Y’see way back in September, I contacted Eurogamer, with a pitch for a feature on a largely-forgotten From Software mech game called Frame Gride. While Eurogamer had run out of the magic beans us freelance types get paid in, they did direct me to the folks at venerable gaming organ Edge, who showered me with beans in exchange for my words about From Software mech games. Within a week of the issue hitting the shelves, From Software had prepared a whole new Armored Core to show off to a select few.

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