Original designer “knew where all the skeletons were buried”.

Earlier today we shared a rather nice detail about the development of Donkey Kong Country Returns, courtesy of an excellent interview on Reece Reilly’s Kiwi Talkz podcast with former Retro Studios developer and senior designer, Mike Wikan. Naturally a lot of the interview focused on the Metroid Prime games, in which Wikan played a big role, and there are some interesting nuggets of information that show how the series came together in the GameCube / Wii era.

A segment that intrigued us, primarily because of our love for Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii, related to how that compilation came together. Wikan explains that it was a team of just four that did the core recompiling and control changes for the Wii release, which is impressive. It followed on from a segment in which he talked about the infamous boss encounters for Spider Ball and Boost Ball in the original version of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and how they were ‘fixed’ for the trilogy bundle.

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