Wario Meh.

Simpler, smaller games live or die on the strength of their central gimmick, an idea to grab hold of the player and force them to pay attention. Sadly, Antonball Deluxe‘s grand design doesn’t quite live up to its WarioWare-esque presentation.

So what’s the deal? You’ve got a pretty strong central idea in Antonball; think Arkanoid, but with you controlling a little platforming character instead of a bat. That’s a fun concept, we think, but in execution we found it singularly frustrating. Both the ball and Anton himself seem just too small, with too much scope to, well, miss. Yes, get good, we hear you, but in practice the most efficient way to “get good” is to simply find a spot from which the ball will always be reachable on its return trips, then effectively just stand there, dropping down or leaping up to hit the ball when it travels either low or high. It’s less than thrilling.

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