In it for the long brawl.

It may seem uncharitable to begin a review this way, but Mayhem Brawler is a terrible title for a game. It may as well be ‘Fast Driver’ or ‘High Jumper’. It honestly makes it sound like the laziest, perpetually 89p-in-an-eShop-sale shovelware rubbish. It also does the game a vast disservice, because Mayhem Brawler is a shockingly accomplished beat-‘em-up with much more to offer than its keep-on-scrolling moniker suggests.

This little belt-scroller is inspired by Streets of Rage 4 in the same way The Great Giana Sisters was “inspired by” Super Mario Bros. — that is to say the game bites its style big-time, but if you’re going to steal, you might as well steal from the best. So here’s Mayhem Brawler, with its vivid comic book-style graphics, hard-hitting moves and urban environment where the only activity that exists is PASTING.

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