Could be robusta, but has strong notes.

While video games often provide a very different storytelling experience to books and of course TV / cinema, the continual growth in the popularity of visual novels demonstrates that different mediums can blend to excellent effect. Necrobarista: Final Pour is another welcome entry in the genre on Switch, and it tackles some intriguing themes around death and friendship against a backdrop that’s both absurd yet all-too-familiar.

The entirety of Necrobarista’s story takes place in a coffee shop and a somewhat desolate area in front of the establishment, and though the cast grows with some brief appearances and related substories (which were free DLC on PC), the core group is small. Over the course of around four hours you get a good chance to learn more about these characters, what makes them tick and their insecurities. It’s a well-written set of characters, from a precociously talented young girl in need of a good mentor, to a gruff but soft-hearted enforcer, and then the main two protagonists, Maddy and Chay.

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