Just one day after announcing players will be able to shove Hello Kitty into a Monkey Ball following the release of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania next month, Sega has revealed another post-launch DLC character for its simian-rolling platformer: Monster Rancher’s Suezo.

For those previously unfamiliar with Koei Tecmo’s long-running Monster Rancher series (and I count myself in that number), its blend of sim-like creature-rearing and battling originally debuted on PlayStation back in 1997, meaning next year marks its 25th anniversary.

Koei Tecmo previously revealed it’s releasing versions of the first two Monster Rancher games on Switch in the west this December as part of the series’ birthday celebrations (the first time Monster Rancher has travelled west in over a decade), but we now know those anniversary festivities will also extend to shoving one of the games’ most iconic monsters – yellow one-eyed worm-thing Suezo – into a Monkey Ball too.

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