Nintendo’s mobile title Mario Kart Tour will soon be getting another content update. Ahead of the launch, it’s been revealed as a new (but old) track – Cheep-Cheep Island from the Game Boy Advance generation.

Yes, it’s another course from the 2001 title, Mario Kart: Super Circuit. This track originally appeared in the Lightning Cup and is known for its sunset skies…and Cheep-Cheep. It’ll be appearing as part of the Summer Tour:

This course joins a number of other tracks from the same handheld generation – including Bowser’s Castle 1 and 2, and Sunset Wilds. All up, there are close to 40 retro-themed tracks now featured in Mario Kart Tour on mobile.

As of March this year, the mobile Mario Kart surpassed 200 million in downloads and $200 million in player spending. Have you tried out this game yet? Would you be interested in revisiting Cheep-Cheep Island when the Summer Tour starts? Tell us below.

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