Publisher Team17 and developer Drop Bear Bytes have joined forces to bring Australia-themed post-apocalyptic cRPG Broken Roads to Steam and consoles next year.

Broken Roads tasks players, and their accompanying party of up to five characters, with traversing a “content-rich and densely-crafted” post-apocalyptic future version of Western Australia, visiting real-life locations along the way. The experience is – as even a quick glance at the trailer below will confirm – heavily inspired by classic single-player cRPGs, and features a blend of turn-based tactical combat, alongside “traditional and original” RPG mechanics.

There’s a “classless” character system, offering “nearly unlimited…development options”, and something Drop Bear calls the Moral Compass. Acting as a kind of enhanced morality system, this sees dialogue options and questing decisions influence – and be influenced by – a character’s philosophical leanings, with the game featuring four philosophical paths, each with their own unique traits.: Humanist, Utilitarian, Machiavellian, and Nihilist.

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