Anyone got a spare Famicom 3D System they don’t need?

HAL’s HyperZone is one of those SNES titles which didn’t set the world alight at the time of release but has nonetheless built up a cult following in the years following its release. Much of the game’s appeal is down to its innovative use of Mode 7 effects to present a realistic impression of 3D movement, but HAL had plans to make the visual impact even more pronounced.

You see, HyperZone contains stereoscopic 3D support, but it can only be enabled by inputting a cheat code and Nintendo never got around to releasing the hardware needed to make this effect work. This type of visual trickery requires a set of ‘active shutter’ glasses like the ones released for the 8-bit Famicom in Japan, so it could be that Nintendo initially had plans to release a pair for the SNES, but never did so.

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