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We’ve all walked around a zoo and wondered just how hard it could be to run one. After all, you just need to get the animals in one place and keep them from escaping, right? However, if the plethora of zoo management sims on the market is anything to go by, there is a lot more to it. While many of the games in this ever-growing niche offer players the chance to dive into the finer details of zoo ownership, Let’s Build a Zoo keeps things on the more cartoonish, lighthearted side while also providing a decent challenge.

After being released on Steam in 2021, Let’s Build a Zoo has finally gotten a Switch port, giving fans the chance to take their budding attraction on the go. The game is largely the same as the PC version, with the same pixel graphics and increasingly difficult balancing act that all management simulator games always inevitably become. Players start the game with an investor who expects to earn their money back eventually but also gives them plenty of freedom to decide how to do that.

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