Brave Souls and the Phantom Nomad Eaters.

We live in a golden age of remasters and remakes when it comes to video games. It seems like every week there are more classic games that are getting new life on a current gen console. This might seem like a crass attempt to squeeze a few more pennies out of gamers (and in many cases it is), but it is also really important to the preservation of retro games. The latest remaster to hit Switch is the NIS Classics Volume 1 collection, which brings a pair of PlayStation 2-era tactical RPGs to the Switch.

The first of these games is Phantom Brave, which was originally released in 2004. The game is an isometric tactical RPG that follows young Marona on her quest for financial stability which inevitably dips into saving the world because that is how these stories go. How does she do this? Well, Marona is what is called a Chroma, someone who can see and interact with phantoms. In fact, she is continually tailed by Ash, a man who became a phantom in the opening moments of the game and serves as her caretaker and muscle in combat.

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