One small step for man and bot.

Booting up Residual for the first time can feel a tad overwhelming. You’re chucked head-first onto a strange, seemingly barren planet with nothing but a few bits and bobs to get you started. You step out of the comfort of your ship into the harsh, unforgiving 2D environment and you can actually see your hunger and stamina levels decrease before your eyes. It’s panic-inducing at first, but like many great survival games, exploration reaps rewards; after just a short period of time, you’ll be overflowing with tools, food, resources, and more as you work to find a way off the planet.

What’s nice is that you’re not alone on your quest for survival. Accompanying you is the wise-cracking floating Personal Disaster Bot (or PDB for short), who gives advice on how to maintain your health, what resources you need to be gathering, and how to navigate the procedurally generated planet. It will also throw the occasional jibe your way, which we have to admit got a bit annoying after a while. The voiceover for PDB sounds like an obvious nod to Claptrap from Borderlands, and its robotic tones can grate on you after a while. Thankfully, the game lets you turn down specific volumes like ambient music, sound, and annoying robot voices.

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