Devil May Try.

Fans of hack-and-slash games in the Devil May Cry / Bayonetta mould don’t have a particularly large library of titles to choose from on Switch, although with both of these famous franchises, plus the excellent Astral Chain and a (two-thirds dodgy) Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection port on the console, the quality of what is available is at least relatively high. Next Stage and Visual Dart’s post-apocalyptic indie effort, Ultra Age, sets out to join these illustrious ranks and, apart from a few performance issues, and some woefully inept voice acting, it actually does a reasonably decent job.

Set in the far future — the year 3174 to be precise — Ultra Age tells the story of swashbuckling Dante wannabe, Age, and his robotic sidekick Helvis (think Destiny‘s Ghost companion on helium), as they set out on a journey to discover why communications have been cut between the Orbital Arc ship and a facility known as The Shelter, located on a now barren and dangerous planet Earth.

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