UnFunny, but UnExpectedly good regardless.

Comedy video games. This writer’s blood runs cold just to think of them. In a medium that sees you define your own pace, how can comedy possibly work without fundamentally transforming the medium from interactive to inert? The comedy and the gameplay are necessarily completely separate and so few games have managed to integrate the two in any truly impressive way just yet. Undertale, perhaps, but there’s still a lot of sitting around reading dialogue in that.

UnMetal is… a comedy video game. A parody, if you will, and unfortunately not the Parodius kind. What we’ve got here is an affectionate ribbing of gaming in general, presented in the guise of a stealth game akin to the original MSX Metal Gear, being a quasi-top-down sorta-stealth game. We say “sorta” because the enemies in UnMetal are dumber than a box of particularly uneducated rocks, but that isn’t really the point. In fact, playing this thing barely seems to be the point — it’s so fragmented in its style that it almost feels like a minigame collection. You jump from cutscene to marginal exploration to adventure game-style item-combinations to more cutscenes to a shoot-out to… well, you get the idea.

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