RimWorld, developer Ludeon Studios’ widely acclaimed sci-fi colony sim, will finally be making the jump to consoles – some three and a half years after its full PC release – on 29th July.

RimWorld has, of course, made quite the mark on PC since its early access arrival all the way back in 2013 – partly for its wonderfully rich blend of management sim action and procedural storytelling, but equally for the way its complex systems can quickly tumble into outright debauchery, ranging from drug-fuelled cannibalism to non-consensual body harvesting.

Word that a console version of RimWorld was finally on the way arrived in March, although notably not through official channels. Instead, the port – being handled by Double Eleven Limited, which has previously helped port the likes of Minecraft Dungeons and Rust to consoles – hit headlines when it was listed as having been refused classification in Australia.

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