After two rip-roaring outings, Sea of Thieves’ wonderful Monkey Island adventure will soon reach its end; Rare has now confirmed its third and final instalment will launch next Thursday, 28th September – clearing the way for the pirate game’s tenth season on 19th October.

Sea of Thieves’ three-part The Legend of Monkey Island adventure got underway back in July, sending players on a quest to Mêlée Island where, thanks to the mysterious power of the Sea of the Damned, Guybrush Threepwood had become the mightiest pirate of all. It was a wonderful opening episode, managing to capture the magic (if perhaps not the humour) of the point-and-click classic, and things only got better in last month’s vastly more open-ended part two.

Episode three, titled The Lair of LeChuck, whisks players away to an absolutely gorgeous rendition of Monkey Island itself – which you can see a bit of at the 4:49 mark in Sea of Thieves’ latest news update below – spanning everything from dense jungle to lava-filled catacombs.

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