Two weeks after getting its first small update, Starfield has just recieved another, this one focusing on performance and stability, as well as remedying a number of gameplay issues.

All-in-all, it’s not a particularly glamorous update, equating to a grand total of ten bullet points in Bethesda’s patch notes, but if you’ve been experiencing the likes of characters not appearing where they should be, blurry textures, or a hitch-y hand scanner, this one’s for you.

Full patch details can be found below, and for those wondering when Bethesda might have something more substantial to bring to Starfield, the developer says it’s “continuing to work on [the] larger update” that – as we learned a couple of weeks ago – will introduce the likes of Nvidia DLSS support and 32:9 ultrawide monitor support on PC, a field-of-view slider, an HDR calibration menu, and a new “Eat” button for food when it eventually arrives.

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