Look out Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Paramount; the BBC wants in on that juicy video game adaptation action and is bringing Ubisoft’s beloved Splinter Cell series to life in a new Radio 4 drama, starting next Friday, 2nd December.

Splinter Cell’s audio adaptation – officially titled Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Firewall – follows series protagonist and Fourth Echelon agent Sam Fisher on a mission to recruit and train the next generation of operatives for the National Security Agency’s covert action division. “When a lethal assassin from Fisher’s past returns from the dead on a mission of murder,” the BBC teases, “he is thrust into a race against time as a sinister threat to global security is revealed.”

Firewall stars Andonis Anthony (The Archers) as Sam Fisher, and Daisy Head as his daughter Sarah. Other cast members include Sacha Dhawan (Doctor Who, The Great), Will Poulter (Midsommer, Black Mirror), and Nikesh Patel (Starstruck, The Devil’s Hour).

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