14 games we’re dying to (re)play.

It’s an odd phenomenon when new hardware comes along which makes you delve into your back catalogue for gems you might have missed, or perhaps just revisit classic titles to see how they look and perform on your shiny new system. It’s something that PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers have encountered over the last year, with a slim selection of brand new, bespoke titles prompting players to revisit their existing library on the new consoles and see how the classics look on the new machine.

While Switch OLED might not have any performance benefits over its normal LCD-screened siblings, we’re still itching to replay our favourite games on the new console and see how they look on that gorgeous new screen — to enjoy the richer, deeper blacks and popping colours the new screen will offer. Some of us are, in fact, putting off collecting Korok seeds or starting something new from our back catalogue just so we get to play on the new Switch when it finally arrives.

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