Double-A games are like a comfortable woolly beanie, simple and warm. When hats and gaming combine, the first game I generally think of is Mario Odyssey and Cappy! The greatest cap in the world. Such a brilliant thing to play with: you could pretend you were Oddjob throwing his bowler hat at James Bond.

Well, Mr Bond. I’m chucking Steamworld Heist into the ring. A hat-heavy masterpiece. Captain Piper Faraday leads a ragtag team of ten steam-driven robot pirates with unique skills and a joint affinity for snappy headgear. No self-respecting robot pirate should be seen hatless in this steampunk world.

Along my numerous turn-based treks through multiple enemy spaceships, I’ve collected hundreds of weapons, consumables and useful gadgets, but I’m truly fishing for that sweet incentive of a hat. They don’t improve your character stats, but shouldn’t looking cool be a stat? (Thankfully, Cyperpunk 2077 does have a cool stat. I wonder what its hats are like.)

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