If you’ve been struggling with a yawning, photo-realistic-Pokémon-shaped void in your life since last year’s reveal of the upcoming live-action Detective Pikachu movie, then struggle no more – a brand-new trailer has now been released, and, yes, it still looks kind of great.

Granted, the new trailer doesn’t tell us a whole lot more that we didn’t already know, but it does at least spell out the movie’s plot for those in the audience that haven’t already immersed themselves in pre-production plot synopses and the like.

To summarise, though, Detective Pikachu, much like it did in the 2018 3DS game, follows the exploits of a crime-solving (and also amnesiac) Pokémon – in this case, played by Ryan Reynolds. Eventually, Pikachu crosses paths with the young Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) who, conveniently enough, discovers he has the ability to communicate with his furry friend, and the two embark on an adventure to track down Goodman’s kidnapped father, Harry.

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