Twitch is reportedly preparing to introduce a range of new features designed to help tackle the increasingly prevalent phenomenon of hate raiding, including the ability for streamers to restrict chat commenting to those users whose accounts have been through phone verification.

Twitch’s controversial raid feature was originally designed as a positive community tool that would enable streamers to redirect all viewers currently watching their broadcast to a target channel as an “easy way to share audiences”. However, malicious users quickly began exploiting the feature, setting up dummy accounts and bots to flood the chats of often marginalised streamers and subject them to doxing, harassment, and attack.

Despite Twitch conceding it needed to “do more to address these issues”, many streamers were unhappy with what they saw as a continued lack of meaningful response from the company, leading to a successful 24-hour protest last month. Now, however, Twitch is reportedly readying to roll out new security features designed to combat hate raiding.

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